by Moch Tha Kid

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Bring it back
To the Natives
The mic slayers
With metaphors layered
Who settle scores
With metal swords
Saber from the orifice
Favor spit before the fist
Ornament the oral with royal wit
That’s oil slick
Been told I foil quick
Wrist coiled swift
Make it rock when I kick
Depth bringing death
To this topsoil shit
I spit sediments
Coming heavy with the sentiments
Entered as placental
Aimed to exit as ya eminence
Pencil pass the gift
Like it’s Adam as Tha Kid
With the mental as the rib
Givin life to the rhythm
Visualize with the inner eye
Sights centered
With a slight slit
Let the light enter in em
Flood with brightness
Shine kid
Ain’t never seen a day break like this
Kiss of the lion
With the lips of Midas
Touch the sky
Scry silence
Thru the iris of violence
Primetime crisis
Film flickers thru my eyelids
Hard to pick sides
When the righteous fight the righteous
Til time turns the tides
To the mindless and the mindless
Vicious and the spineless
The dying and the lifeless
Conflict diamonds just to flash status
Cash value ain’t all telling
Let’s run the mathematics
Average salary’s a couple pounds a week
That’s no shoes on your feet
Thatch roof on your sleep
They’re turning soldiers
And then feedin them amphetamines
When ice takes your life
You’ll know that diamonds are forever b


released October 23, 2012
Produced by Linus Stubbs



all rights reserved


Moch Tha Kid Columbia, Missouri

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