by Moch Tha Kid

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Life by Jack Mocherman
What is life?
Life is getting intimate
With a limited amount of people
Life is evildoers
Luring and maneuvering
Acting equal
But with backs turned
Turn back to deceitful
Life is losing your keys
With a meeting and two mouths to feed
Way I see it
Life is lethal

I'm finna start this week
The same I started last
Skipping class and sparking grass
Regret missing anatomy when they was studying the cardiac
Cus when I play this track for my dad
I'll prolly give him a heart attack
Put my heart on a track
Like I gargle glass
Shouts out like
"Yo! Where my starvin artists at?!"
Drop a blotter tab
Blast off and harness that
Call my neighbor a bodysnatcher
Tell him I want my carcass back
Carpet splashed with bong water
Keep my crib a mess
Alright so I ain't all that
But at least I'm chivalrous
Riddle me this
Will it mean shit when I'm thru with it?
Sometimes I think I'm gettin close to losin it
Goin ludicrous
Losin screws in twos and tens
Thank you Jews and Gents!
Shootin Goose again
Even tho I can't afford it
I'm stuck on self-destruct
And I can't abort
I'm a man distorted
Time turns elastic
Mind anamorphic
Spine filled with acid
Tryin to build my casket
Blasted off of cheap whiskey
Starting mixin nails and cuticles at about 3:50
Tried to turn my life around
Did a 360°
Fuck career paths
Imma just be dizzy
My ex keeps tellin me to keep busy
I told her
"Fuck therapy, I just need someone to sleep with me"
Need rap
Like runningbacks need kneecaps
Madder than the mad hatter
When my man released Relapse
Acting like he's back at
But he ain't the same Shady
Smackin D'Angelo Bailey
Rapping like a crack addict

But really.
What's life?


released November 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Moch Tha Kid Columbia, Missouri

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