by Moch Tha Kid

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I don’t bang for bankrolls
So reframe ya angles
Stuck in '88
Someone cop me a kangol
Moch and a mic like
Two to a tango
I rock to it right
Till I bruise up my ankles
Maple sweet
Keep it smooth like margarine
Polishin' the groove
Like a hip hop artisan
I Always stay bipartisan
Harness in a honey
Like I’m majoring in marketing
Flow art deco
So Art Vanedaly
Close to goin broke
So I say I only smoke a gram a day
Van Damme vanity plates
You I know slam man
Sickness make you take
Eight Dramamine straight
No chaser
Make her kick
Like Akers
Tell me what’s your flavor
I understand you ain’t wastin' paper
So just let me set the pace
I’ll give you what you paid for

Cus Moch’s top dollar
Shots top shelf
Cool like water
Make i hot like hell
I'm sorry
I had to bite that from Weezy
But long as shits bangin'
Might as well spit it cheesy
Cus Moch’s top dollar
Shots top shelf
2 Chains a scholar
And Wayne’s coppin wealth
But I don’t want bitches
And I don’t want fame
I’m just tryin to catch wreck
While y’all try and get brain

My main thang
My mainframe
It's why nobody ask
How low my chain hang
It's why you’ll never find me
Grinding with a chain gang
I’m spending my time
Showin y'all how the games played
Blowin' up like a lighter
In a fire pit
I’m higher than a fighter pilot
Ivy league requirement
Imbibing burbon
By the fifth
And birthing verbal turbulence
My life cycle
Circles round
Fertile verb nourishment
Who’s as ill as me
Bringing versatility
With such spectacular stability
I’d bring in billions
If you billed me
For ability
But all they want is litanies
And all I gots soliloquies
Still my speech keeps
Steep with the learning curve
Spouting off words you never heard
I prolly learned in third
Lay a fake face first
With the word play
Teeth to the concrete
Like yo how that curb taste


released October 16, 2012
Produced by DOUG



all rights reserved


Moch Tha Kid Columbia, Missouri

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