Rotten Knot Moch

by Moch Tha Kid

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I got a split lip
Fixed on my fifth cancer stick
Grip on a limp dick
Walkin thru campus lit
I can't handle this
Heart against my trachea
Cardiac to cartilage
Cause carnage in my cranium
Dumb, distant
Numb gums with tongue twisted
Sadistic young gun
Gifted like he comes for Christmas
Spit sickness
Like bitches sucking dick with syphilis
If I hit 6 digits
Me and Satan finna split tha difference
Nah I'm fuckin with you
Like that mailman when ya husband ditched you
Take issue diss you
Leavin nothin but some bludgeoned tissue
Plenty sober
Still pissin on ya penny loafers
Barely lucid in a Rover
Doin twenty over
Yo I'll pop a Adderall
Flip the whip
Hit the asphalt
Body bouncin like a basketball
Buddy ridin shotty
Got his back bent lateral
I crawled back casual
Copped all that capital
He's not quite all there
Rotten knot Moch
Riding rims and a bald spare
Stare at the back of his hand
Since the acid scare
He swears he's only half of a man
Don Juan Jack Draper
Ad Rap Back Breaker
Cat Slayer
Takin naps in the cat's layer
Finna cop a Cadillac
When the cash layers
Til then I'll stack papers
Runnin capers
On my fat neighbors


released May 30, 2013
Cage Instrumental



all rights reserved


Moch Tha Kid Columbia, Missouri

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