by Moch Tha Kid

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Two weeks not a word from ya?
Call me naive but I thought I woulda hear from ya
Hope you ain't pissed
Bout the last time I hit it
You should know I ain't pissed
Bout the last time I didn't
Know I ain't wish for this half life I'm living
Hit the hash pipe
Til my past lives is vivid
And I ain't tryin to act like it's a vision
But I saw you as a past wife
It had be tripping like

It had me trippin like

You know I’m cocky no confidente
Closet self-conscious
Getting caught up in the compliments
Conflict of interest over collage
This the consequence
My life’s like my fridge
I’m stockin up on condiments
Where’s the substance?
I’ll study up on husbands
Tryin to be more than that man you fell in love with
Tryin to be that man
You’re lightin candles in the tub with
Baby I got plans
Lemme tell you you gone love this like

Let me tell you you gone love this like

I’m comin back for break
Last time I was back in Cape
Baby had me feelin like a basket case
I’m still tryin to recalibrate
But every time I see her face
My heart starts to palpitate
Her perfume might send me to a early tomb
But eternal rest don’t sound so bad
If it’s me and you
I’m tryin to be smooth like blue Suede
You can be the shoe
But you gotta eat the pudding
If you wanna see the prof like

If you wanna see the proof like

Now Imma keep writing love songs
Til you start returnin my phone calls
I shoulda let this on ya voicemail yo


released May 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Moch Tha Kid Columbia, Missouri

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